New targets.

After a period of time trained regularly, it marked the time of  new targets , to be able to be more ambitious, more demanding and why not try to be the first to reach the goal in any competition .

Let’s talk in this article how we can improve step by step our fitness.

No longer valid by simply going out to run our air, our pace, easing down when we begin to feel uncomfortable or accelerates account our breath. From now on every time we go to train is to follow a predetermined plan, with appropriate heart rates for each time and travel.

The first tip would be to set our goals for this year, ideally for the whole year, and so work towards being in the best physical condition in the moments that most interest us.

Changing the year seems to start from scratch in the aspect of competition, seasons, etc.., Therefore, knowing that we have a good physical basis after training of the past few months, we will work slowly but the quality very seriously. In short, to do our best.

We know our thresholds, aerobic and anaerobic, leading to a stress test, we will combine the two equally, respecting maximum intensities.

This combination of strengths is the key to a good training plan and is what we will improve in proportion to the time we spend on our preparation, so it is important that the plan is very well made and made to our measure.

For now we will explain three basic examples: start from the basis that our resting heart rate is 70 per minute and the maximum is 190 and that our anaerobic threshold is 75% or about 160 beats per minute.

Example for aerobic work:

15 minutes of heating at 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

45 minutes at 150 pl.m. – 160 pl.m.

15 minutes at 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

Example for aerobic work – Anaerobic:

15 minutes of heating at 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

4-5 sets of 3 minutes at 155 pl.m. – 165 pl.m. (70-75% HRmax)

4-5 sets of 1 minute to 165 pl.m – 175 pl.m. (80-85% HRmax)

3-5 minutes between sets.

15 minutes of relaxation to complete 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

Example for anaerobic work:

15 minutes of heating at 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

6 sets of 30-45 seconds at 165 pl.m. – 175 pl.m. (80-85% HRmax)

6 sets of 20-30 seconds at 175 pl.m. – 180 pl.m. (85-90% HRmax)

3-5 minutes between sets.

15 minutes of relaxation to complete 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

This is just an example and needs to work well with the heart rate monitor, inserting these types of training during the week, after a session anaerobic, we perform an aerobics.

A method to perform these jobs well, if they are monotonous, is to find a suitable route, have it timed and perform them in continuous run. For example, look for a steep climb and mark the distances of time for each series.

Besides the cardiovascular workout, do not forget to work different muscle groups than running on foot are essential for optimal performance. Abdominals, lower back, chest, ultimately, have a good muscle tone in the upper body.

On top of that you must spend a period of time to stretch after each session, essential to get the muscles ready for the next training session.

Keep in mind that more training and toughness, plus we take care of our hydration and nutrition, we should therefore periodically analytical realize ourselves, to know that all our “levels” are correct.


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