Firm Abs Workout

Abs, abs, abs. Everybody wants a nice set of six pack abs. Or if you’re not after the six-pack abs, you at least want a nice firm and toned stomach.

Something that looks good with your shirt off or in a bikini.

But how do you get it?


Do you need to follow some weird diet? Do you need to take a magic fat burning supplement? Do you need to buy the latest abs gadget off a television infomercial?

No, no, no. You don’t need to follow a weird diet, you don’t need to buy a fat burning supplement (that doesn’t work anyway) and you especially don’t need to buy the latest abs gadget off an infomercial.

Nutritionally speaking, you just need to make some minor tweaks

and changes in order to get your body to start burning more of your stubborn stomach fat.

Start by eating more fiber. Stick with lots of fruits and vegetables and keep the grains to a minimum.

You also need to make sure you get enough protein and fat. Yes I said fat. Your body needs a certain amount of fat in order to function properly and there have been studies that show that people who consume more foods rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, such as salmon and other cold water fish, and nuts, like almonds, lose more stomach fat than those who didn’t.

So stock up on your Omega-3 rich foods and get more protein.

When it comes to exercise, you don’t need to live in the gym. Nor do you need to do nothing but cardio. Quite the opposite, actually. You need to stick to more resistance training and interval training if you really want to lose stomach fat and get a firm, toned stomach or six-pack abs.

Your workouts should consist of lots of movements that work your entire body, and shouldn’t be split into “parts”. Meaning stick with exercises like push-ups, squats, lunges, planks, mountain climbers, dumbbell swings, etc. and stay away from movements that don’t work much muscle and don’t burn too many calories like bicep curls and triceps kickbacks or those silly leg machines that move like the old “Thigh Master” home workout gadgets.

Your workouts should also take less than 30 minutes. By sticking to that timeframe, you’ll ensure you keep the intensity level up, meaning you’ll burn a lot of fat in as short a period as possible.

When it comes to abs specific workouts, you don’t need to spend lots and lots of time devoted to crunches, sit-ups, leg lifts, etc.

In fact, you can get an awesome abs workout done from the comfort of your own home in as little as 4 minutes.

The next time you’re working out, try this circuit after your regular workout.

1A) Mt. Climbers – 30 seconds 1B) Squat Jump with Knee Tuck – 10 jumps 1C) DB Swing – 10 reps

Rest 20-30 seconds after the DB Swings and perform the circuit as many times as possible in 4 minutes.

Here’s a quick run-through of the exercises:

Mt. Climbers – Lie on the floor in the top push-up position so only your hands and feet are on the floor. Brace your abs and begin the exercise by flexing one knee and bringing that knee toward your chest, return to the starting position and bring the opposite knee toward your chest. Repeat in a swift tempo, alternating back and forth like you’re running, (or climbing a mountain, surprise surprise) for 30 seconds.

ebook2Squat Jump with Knee Tuck – Stand up straight and tall with your feet shoulder width apart. Progress into a normal bodyweight squat and as you reach the bottom, explosively stand back up so you jump off the floor as high as you can. As you jump into the air, bring your knees toward your chest by flexing your abs. Land lightly on your toes, steady yourself and repeat.

DB Swing – Stand with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width holding a dumbbell with both hands. Squat down while letting the dumbbell go between your legs, but not behind you. Explosively flex your glutes and stand up as you swing the dumbbell straight out in front of you until it’s at chest height. Slowly return to the starting position and repeat.

Perform that mini-circuit a few times a week after your regular workout and I guarantee you’ll notice our stomach shrinking and a nice set of abs appearing within a matter of weeks.


When working out the last ting you’d want to do is waste your time. Too many people at the gym work on pointless and ineffective exercises that are just a waste of time and will never produce results.

Now some things you can’t do without – like a warm up. Your chances of injury are multiplied many times over when you don’t take the few minutes required to warm up. Some simple stretching and calisthenics – like squats and lunges – are fine for your warm up.

When you are ready for your abs building workout, you need to remember 4 golden rules. No matter who designs your program, you need to remember these golden rules.

1. Stability Exercises

Stability exercises come next to warm up exercises. These exercises use your body weight

as resistance. These exercises are to be worked out intensely until you can do no more and shouldn’t be limited to the number of repetitions.

Crunches, flutter kicks, reverse crunches, or other exercises come under this category. Stability exercises don’t need for you to use any apparatus.

2. Stability with Resistance Exercises

The next rule is to follow immediately with stability resistance exercises. These are basically the same exercises that you have done before – but with WEIGHT ADDED.

Incline bench crunch, a weighted crunch or a weighted straight leg crunch are some good examples for of stability with resistance exercises.

3. Core Strengthening Exercises

The next rule is to follow with core strengthening exercises. these include the most complex movements of all. The require exact body position and execution.

Some core strengthening exercises that you can do lying down are the Plank, the Side Plank, and the Superman. Core strengthening exercises that you do standing are cable torso twists, woodchoppers, and “around the world.”

4. Unbalanced Exercises

Final rule: finish your workout with unbalanced exercises. These are the hardest part of your total routine. The idea here is to do an exercise that actually throws your body out of balance.

For example, you might get into a push-up position with your body straight, then lift one arm toward the ceiling and open your entire torso to that side. Repeat on the other side.

Very hard to do, even if you’re in awesome shape!

Five or ten of each unbalanced exercise should be sufficient. You can’t and shouldn’t do many reps of the exercises.

Remember no workout “works” unless you eat the right foods and build up your workouts properly.

Keep these 4 golden rules in mind when developing your workout routine. The golden rule 5 is that your form must be absolutely perfect. For building that gorgeous rock hard abs you need to design an effective workout.

Resistance band workouts are amazingly time-efficient and highly effective. The best part about training with resistance bands is that you can get a great total body workout without losing any intensity. When done properly flexbands will target the entire body – chest, abs, back, shoulders, legs. If you are a beginner start out with the light bands and later progress to the medium size bands for more resistance. For many exercises you can actually adjust the resistance or tension by simply changing your hand position on the band.

Here are 4 easy resistance bandexercises that you can do right in the comfort of your own home:


Execute each exercise 2-3 days a week. Start off by doing 1 set of 8-10 repetition. Warm up for at least 5-10 minutes before you start your workout.
Once you’ve completed the workout, cool down by stretching for 5-10 minutes


Grab a hold of the band with your feet shoulder width apart, keeping your torso straight. Stand on the band while your hands are holding it in a half bicep curl. Lower yourself gently until your buttocks are parallel to the ground. Keep your knees behind your toes as you lower yourself in a squat position. Return to the

starting position and repeat the movement.

Cross-over Squats

Stand with knees slightly bent and feet shoulder width apart. Criss-cross the band across your upper body while the bands is wrapped around your feet. Lower yourself into a squat, keeping your knees behind your toes and your back straight. You’ll feel tension on your entire body. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise.

Chest Press

Wrap the band around your back and hold the band with each hand. Your elbow should be in a bent position and arms parallel to the ground. To execute the movement, squeeze the chest and press forward with your arms without
locking your elbows. Return to the starting position and repeat the movement.

Arm Curls

Stand on the band with feet shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent. Hold the band with palms facing the sky. Execute the exercise by raising your arms toward the shoulder in a bicep curl. If you want more resistance, position feet

wider. Return to the starting position and repeat.

All four exercises are highly effextive and can be done virtually anywhere (park, vacation, home, or gym) with little time required to complete the exercises.

Reminder to perform a cool down(10-15 minutes) right after you’ve completed the workout. If you are a beginner, please start out by doing 1 set of 8-10 reps.

Let’s be honest with ourselves. If we want to lose weight we need to try to find ways to burn calories and hopefully burn fat as well. Now it would be ideal if we could burn calories and lose weight by watching television. But it doesn’t quite work that way.
So what are some good ways to burn calories and lose weight? Here are a few suggestions and some of them are a little different. Each one will stoke the fires of your fat burning machine and have you losing weight in no time.



“What is plyometrics?.” Simply put it is a series of explosive jumps. Plyometrics will speed up your ability to lose weight.
Plyometrics involves explosive jumps. Often times it involves jumping onto a plyometric box. If you have never done this you don’t know what you are missing. Broad jumps, squat thrusts, side hops are all forms of plyometric exercise. Each will get your heart rate elevated and place you squarely in the fat burning zone. Stay tuned in the near future for an extensive post on plyometrics. However, for now focus on side hops, broad jumps and jumping in place.

Sledgehammer Training

Alright, I know this is an odd fitness tool. If you need to break up some concrete this is good but to exercise with? Swinging a sledgehammer is exhausting. Your heart rate will climb, your will burn calories and ultimately lose weight.

You can stop by a flea market or go to a used tire store in your area and come up with a larger truck tire. Take it home, lay it in your backyard, break out your sledgehammer and go to work on the tire. I would recommend swinging for 1 minute at a time and then taking a 1 minute break. If you cannot swing it for one minute then break the time periods down into more manageable segments.
Start with a 6 lb one and then work your way up and your are better able to handle it. If you scour yard sales, garage sales, flea markets, etc you can probably come up with a sledgehammer (or should I say calorie burning, fat burning, weight losing fitness equipment) pretty cheap.


For my money Burpees are the best fat burning exercise around. If I could only do one exercise for the rest of time then this would be it. It is truly a full body workout. And if you haven’t figured this out yet allow me to let you in on a little secret. Full body workouts burn calories and prompt you to lose weight at an incredibly quick rate. If you are unsure of what a Burpee is then you can view the video below. That is enough said about Burpees. You need to incorporate these into your fat burning workouts. They are a must.

If you perform these three types of exercise it will quickly move you down the road on your journey to burn calories and lose weight.

New targets.

After a period of time trained regularly, it marked the time of  new targets , to be able to be more ambitious, more demanding and why not try to be the first to reach the goal in any competition .

Let’s talk in this article how we can improve step by step our fitness.

No longer valid by simply going out to run our air, our pace, easing down when we begin to feel uncomfortable or accelerates account our breath. From now on every time we go to train is to follow a predetermined plan, with appropriate heart rates for each time and travel.

The first tip would be to set our goals for this year, ideally for the whole year, and so work towards being in the best physical condition in the moments that most interest us.

Changing the year seems to start from scratch in the aspect of competition, seasons, etc.., Therefore, knowing that we have a good physical basis after training of the past few months, we will work slowly but the quality very seriously. In short, to do our best.

We know our thresholds, aerobic and anaerobic, leading to a stress test, we will combine the two equally, respecting maximum intensities.

This combination of strengths is the key to a good training plan and is what we will improve in proportion to the time we spend on our preparation, so it is important that the plan is very well made and made to our measure.

For now we will explain three basic examples: start from the basis that our resting heart rate is 70 per minute and the maximum is 190 and that our anaerobic threshold is 75% or about 160 beats per minute.

Example for aerobic work:

15 minutes of heating at 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

45 minutes at 150 pl.m. – 160 pl.m.

15 minutes at 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

Example for aerobic work – Anaerobic:

15 minutes of heating at 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

4-5 sets of 3 minutes at 155 pl.m. – 165 pl.m. (70-75% HRmax)

4-5 sets of 1 minute to 165 pl.m – 175 pl.m. (80-85% HRmax)

3-5 minutes between sets.

15 minutes of relaxation to complete 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

Example for anaerobic work:

15 minutes of heating at 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

6 sets of 30-45 seconds at 165 pl.m. – 175 pl.m. (80-85% HRmax)

6 sets of 20-30 seconds at 175 pl.m. – 180 pl.m. (85-90% HRmax)

3-5 minutes between sets.

15 minutes of relaxation to complete 130 pl.m. – 140 pl.m.

This is just an example and needs to work well with the heart rate monitor, inserting these types of training during the week, after a session anaerobic, we perform an aerobics.

A method to perform these jobs well, if they are monotonous, is to find a suitable route, have it timed and perform them in continuous run. For example, look for a steep climb and mark the distances of time for each series.

Besides the cardiovascular workout, do not forget to work different muscle groups than running on foot are essential for optimal performance. Abdominals, lower back, chest, ultimately, have a good muscle tone in the upper body.

On top of that you must spend a period of time to stretch after each session, essential to get the muscles ready for the next training session.

Keep in mind that more training and toughness, plus we take care of our hydration and nutrition, we should therefore periodically analytical realize ourselves, to know that all our “levels” are correct.

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